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.Ancient Greeks considered honey to be an antiaging product and it has been reported that they had put honey in Alexander the Great's tomb so that his body would be preserved.

Honey has been considered as natural food of great nutritional value for the human organism, from ancient times to this very day. Ancient Greeks believed that the Olympian Gods were fed with honey (Nectar of Gods). By Homer, Hippocrates, Dioskourides, father of pharmaceutics and by Pythagoras and Aristotle honey is reported as food of high value, with properties which contribute to the good health of the organism. Science has confirmed these discoveries.

Nowadays, the effort that has been made to make the wonderful Mediterranean Diet, especially the Cretan Diet known worldwide, which also includes honey and to which Cretans owe their health and long living is widely known.

From Ancient Greece there is superabundance of mythological reports and findings on pots mainly of the 6th century B.C. which bear witness of the great significance of honey in everyday life, as food as well as therapeutical means.

In Egypt, after excavations that have been conducted during the recent years, papyruses of 3.500 years B.C. were found, which report honey to be a curative means for tens of diseases. The Egyptians offered honeycombs full of honey to their gods, as a precious gift of devotion and propitiation.

Queen Cleopatra used to bath herself in milk mixed with honey.

In a book which is about life of ancient Indians, it is reported that life is prolonged since milk and honey exist in daily nutrition. On Mycenean plates of Linear B honey is reported among other products of basic nutrition.  

Ancient Greeks offered honey, wine, grains, seasonings, oil, wool, cheese, sacrificial animals, fabrics, golden pots to gods. During the Minoan era, people offered wine and honey at sacrifices.

Zeus was brought up with honey by the nymph Melissa at Dikteon Antron. Goddess Hera who represents eternal youth offered honey to gods so that they wouldn't age. Mortals, at different mysteries, offered honey pies to Hades, so that he would donate health and wellbeing to them.

God Pan, son of Hermes, was a god of forests and shepherds of Arcadia. He lived on mountains and woods, wandered around pasturelands, looked after flocks and herds, took care of hunting matters, protected apiculture (bee keeping) and fishery.

Pythagoras discovered that honey can eliminate fatigue. After intensive manual or mental work, a little honey on its own or washed down by milk, relieves the troubled organism by giving new energy.

The rose-fingered Eos, according to Homer, fed heroes on ambrosia (milk and honey), to keep them vigorous, while Apollo, who was never acquainted with breast feeding by his mother Leto, was supported by honey, by Thetis.

The eminent fortune-teller Jamus, abandoned by his own mother, was brought up by two big snakes which fetched him fresh honey into a cave near Alphaeus river, daily.

According to the myth, Hercules offered honey-pie to Cerberus, to let him pass through Hades.

Aristotle believed that honey prolongs life. Hippocrates after all, who died at the age of 104 years old, recommended honey for the treatment of many diseases.

Democritus, who lived longer than 110 years, attributed his longevity to honey saying that the product helps the middle-aged to keep youthful vigour.

"It is essential for the internal of the body to be washed through by honey and the external of it by olive oil" said the father of the atomic theory. During the Byzantine empire, honey was part of nutrition, especially at monasteries . In texts of that era the following is reported:

"If you wish to keep your youth intact, you must necessarily eat honey" the great doctor Avikennas said in 1000 A.D.

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